Okulus Drives Exponential Growth for Kurryzo through Strategic Digital Transformation

Okulus propels Kurryzo into a new era of success, orchestrating strategic digital transformation for exponential growth. Through innovative approaches, Okulus shapes Kurryzo’s digital presence, ensuring a dynamic and thriving future in the ever-evolving culinary landscape.

1. Who the client is?

Kurryzo, a dynamic online platform which offers  Delivery, On-the-Go and Order Ahead services from hundreds of restaurants in Chennai, approached Okulus to elevate its digital presence and boost revenue through a holistic digital marketing strategy.

2. Objective when they came to Okulus:

Kurryzo’s primary goal was to launch their app successfully,  enhance its online visibility, amplify app downloads, engage a broader audience, and ultimately increase revenue. They sought Okulus for a comprehensive digital marketing solution that would include SEO, content marketing, ecommerce strategies, and innovative AI-powered marketing techniques.

3. Strategy employed by Okulus:

  • Digital Marketing Blueprint: Okulus crafted a well-defined digital marketing plan tailored to Kurryzo’s unique needs, encompassing SEO optimization, content marketing, ecommerce strategies, and cutting-edge AI-powered digital marketing techniques.
  • Customized Creatives: Okulus took charge of end-to-end creative development, ensuring visually appealing and engaging content aligned with Kurryzo’s brand identity.
  • Strategic Social Media Advertising: Leveraging the granular targeting capabilities of Facebook and Instagram, we delivered hyper-relevant ad creatives to specific user segments, effectively driving app installs and generating orders.
  • Content Marketing: Implementing a robust content marketing strategy to showcase Kurryzo’s culinary experiences through engaging blog posts, videos, and social media content.
  • Influencer Collaboration: Forging strategic partnerships with influencers to amplify Kurryzo’s reach and credibility in the culinary space.

4. Data Points and Growth Numbers:

  • SEO Optimization: Achieved a 40% increase in organic traffic within the first three months, enhancing Kurryzo’s search engine visibility.
  • Ecommerce Marketing: Implemented targeted strategies resulting in a 35% increase in online sales and transactions.
  • AI-powered Digital Marketing: Utilized innovative AI tools to personalize marketing campaigns, resulting in a 25% boost in customer engagement and retention.
  • Influencer Collaboration: Influencer collaborations contributed to a 30% increase in brand awareness and customer trust.
  • Revenue Growth: Okulus’ integrated approach led to a remarkable 120% increase in overall revenue, establishing Kurryzo as a prominent player in the online culinary market.

Okulus seamlessly executed Kurryzo’s digital transformation, providing a comprehensive and dynamic solution that significantly boosted online visibility, engagement, and revenue.


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