Facebook ads nurture campaigns for eCommerce hyper-growth

Facebook ads nurture campaigns for eCommerce hyper-growth

How we delivered results for the client within one year of starting a Facebook ads driven eCommerce sales growth plan.

Campaign Objective/Client Brief

Language Shoes is a lifestyle brand launched in 2015 that deals with affordable luxury footwear. The main customers are Men who are looking for footwear that refines their overall outlook.

Combined with a product catalogue that also caters to Women footwear and accessories that are extremely high-quality and durable, Language Shoes is one of India’s fastest-growing privately-owned brands in India.

When Language Shoes came to us, their objective or brief was very straightforward and clear – they wanted people to connect with their Language of confidence and truly experience their art in footwear. The main USP of the brand is that their footwear is handcrafted and made by talented shoemakers with a very long history going back generations together.

At that time back in June 2020, with the pandemic spreading country-wide Language Shoes wanted to expand its digital footprint and had clear limits set for each metric. They wanted to reach 10k followers on both Facebook and Instagram from their then 3k follower base. They also wanted to triple their revenue in a year’s period with category growths for shoes at 450%, followed by Accessories.

With such clear targets and revenue anticipation, we pulled in all our team to put the best foot forward and devised a robust campaign strategy that was holistic in nature and driven by Facebook ad campaigns.

Strategy / Execution

We followed the below strategy:

  • Acquire new customers from existing ones via custom and lookalike audiences
  • Target potential footwear shoppers via Catalogue ads
  • Give offers to existing customers – via Email and Facebook dark ads
  • A retargeting campaign that was countrywide and used dynamic lookalike audiences as well
  • Target offline walk-in customers on social media
  • An ever running new customer prospecting campaign that would keep getting refined by the audience visiting and purchasing on the website
  • Sync Google shopping ads and Facebook retargeting catalogue ads
  • Brand awareness campaigns on YouTube


With clever ad sequencing and dynamic ad rotation planning, we were able to nurture audiences, engage them and increase overall sales and conversions without any increase in monthly budgets for the ad spend.

The holistic and broad keyword research helped gain traction organically as well.


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