Social Media Marketing

Your customers are definitely active on social media. They are scrolling through posts every day and waiting to find something interesting. We will use inbound marketing techniques here to drive business from your social media posts to your website. Once we create great content for you we will use social media channels to reach your target audience

Be it Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, or even Snapchat, we know our way around these platforms with the help of our intricate campaign data. We bring in our creativity and math to make sure that your products are seen by the right audience. It doesn’t just end there, we'll make sure there is an action taken. To us, social media marketing is not just about likes and views, it is about the engagement that we get.

We will start with a social media account audit. With the results from this audit, we do a competitor analysis to understand the market and competitors. We will then go ahead and optimise your network for greater visibility and traction. This is then followed by pushing out content across social media channels that you work on. We finally give you a monthly social media analysis report generated which consists of data-driven insights.

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