Event Marketing

Have we done event marketing before? Yes.

Were they for huge events? Absolutely

Event marketing to us is not just about ticket sales, but the level of holistic experience that we give the audience is what matters. Be it a virtual event or physical event. Be it B2B or for B2C, we make sure that we bring in the right audience.

Our event marketing design and strategy generate a buzz along with the participants and builds a long-lasting relationship with the audience. We derive this strategy from the intent of the brand’s marketing plan. This way the overall brand’s vision is intact. Once the brand and event awareness are set up, we go-ahead to engage the target audience to spur interaction.

Our marketing campaigns run as virtual campaigns as they remove geographic boundaries and are more inclusive. Gaining ROI is a huge challenge for any event.

This is why we focus on vendor registration and audience registration. Two important factors contribute to your ROI. We will make sure that word around the event gets out starting from the day of finalising the event date. We target two different audiences here. Vendors who are ready to buy stalls to showcase their products and services and the audience who are looking out for these vendors and their services. We bring in a holistic event marketing strategy that focuses on making your event a great success.

Have an event coming up?

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