Content Marketing

Have you heard of this infamous quote,

" Content is the King "?

We bet you have. Well, that's not all it is. How will you let your audience know about your existence? Great content too needs a push. For that, you need to present yourself in a way that catches the eyes of your target audience!

It is essential to optimise brand awareness and drive website traffic. It is the most powerful strategy of digital marketing.

The content strategy gives the structure and direction to appeal to the right audience. Now that we have our strategy in place we draft a content calendar. The calendar helps us to plan for the future and make decisions beforehand. This will be followed by Content Creation. This involves drafting content, be it for a blog post, tutorial post, social media post, or even your website. Every content needs to tell a story that puts the reader at its center.

Content Development comes next. This is where a piece of content becomes a copy. Your content now goes for optimisation. Content Optimisation is when a piece of content includes SEO to optimise it for user results and search engines. Finally, Content Promotion is where we put our analytics to use. After being creative with our content creation and development process, it's now time to use the right side of our brain to find the math that yields the best results.

Here is a quick tip:

Every piece of content needs to answer these five questions to catch the eyes of the reader.

First off, we begin with the 'Wh' questions:

1. WHO → Who are you trying to reach?
2. WHAT → What do you have to tell them?
And finally,
3. HOW → How will you make their lives better?

People scroll through about 8K+ different content on an average day, How will you make yours stick? Well we have a secret sauce just for that! Contact us if you want to know the ingredients to this very secret sauce.