Organic LinkedIn campaign proves successful for PSGTAACC

Increase traction towards PSG Tech Alumni Association through Organic social media outreach

Campaign Objective/Client Brief

PSG Tech Alumni Association Chennai Chapter is a strong and dynamic community started way back in 1960s, with the main goal to nurture the bond of fellow alumni and work towards the betterment of alumni through a wide array of events, to help each other professionally and personally.

So, we decided to use the tool of modern times “Social Media”, the best way to let people know that the community is very much strong and thriving. Social media has made it easier than ever for alumni to either reconnect or stay connected; no matter their location or if they haven’t interacted in years.

Strategy / Execution


Being able to target people on Linkedin using their school/college makes Linkedin a perfect platform to connect with alumni. This made it a lot easier for us to plan the strategy, laser-focused on content that appealed to this alumnus; these included posts about alumni highlights, News & Events about the association. But what changed the game was the addition of “tagging” the alumni in the post, which blew the audience wide open and boosted engagement drastically.

We also made a few changes in the content plan:

  • Focusing on portraying Alumni highlights and their achievements
  • Adding content about the college that was personal to the students such as the one about the PSG TECH SKYWALK BRIDGE
  • Conduct more events for the alumni as they are among our most engaged community
  • Tagging other relevant alumni profiles on the post to increase the reach of the content



Increase in LinkedIn followers


Increase in LinkedIn impressions


Increase in LinkedIn Clicks


Increase in LinkedIn Shares

This is proof that nothing is impossible with good strategic content and a digital marketing team that knows what is the best for you!