Amazon Marketing

Having your product listings optimised for both Google and Amazon search engines is the right way to drive sales on Amazon.

We at Okulus Digital are an experienced Amazon SEO and Advertising agency, using our more than 20 years of combined SEO and Amazon PPC campaign experience to help our brands and businesses earn more and scale their revenue from Amazon.

To date, we have helped brands and businesses generate over $2.4 million in revenue in the past five years.

Why do you need an Amazon SEO agency?

If you want to see growth and sales on Amazon, then you need a solid SEO strategy. And for a winning SEO strategy, you need an experienced Amazon SEO agency.

Our SEO strategy works based on what we call product optimization. The focus here is to improve the visibility of your products in Amazon search results. As part of the process, we work on separate Amazon-specific keyword research, competitor analysis, user-friendly product copywriting, and additional optimization tactics. All these combined bring in higher visibility for your product listings in Amazon search results.

Now, the overall process is not complete just here. We then work on Google-specific keyword research from an Amazon perspective to help outrank your competitor products when people are searching to buy on Amazon in Google.

This helps bring in more organic leads to the Amazon product pages and the higher the number of detailed page views for your product the better its chance in ranking organically and reaching Amazon Choice product or Best Seller stage.

The last component of our Amazon campaign strategy is to take advantage of Amazon PPC campaigns.

We do in-depth brand-specific search results and keyword analysis to understand how your competition is performing and then outbid as well as outrank them with a combination of PPC strategy and SEO strategy.

This way your brand's product listings get maximum viewership and share of users on Amazon eventually leading to improved sales.

Interested in a preview of our Amazon SEO and PPC strategy that performs which is based on data-driven approach and not hunches?

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