Paid Digital Marketing

Paid Ads put your business on page 1 of Google instantly and generates leads.

The quickest way to get onto the first page of Google search results is to pay for it. You choose the keyword that has the most search volume in your industry and then bid on Google for it. This will decide how many times your ad will be displayed to your target audience. More the competition, the more you will have to pay. This is called Pay Per Click or PPC advertisement.

It doesn’t sound that easy to do, does it? It requires an understanding of keyword research, best time to display for more clicks and many other factors. Google is not the only avenue to get these valuable paid clicks. The other avenues are paid digital advertising on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and YouTube. There is also web banner advertising on other websites, mobile advertising and more.

Okukus Digital provides paid digital advertising services that gets you more leads at a competitive rate. Speak to us today to discuss which media would best work for your business.

What’s Included in Our paid digital advertising services?

  • ● Keyword research and selection
  • ● Ad Text and graphics Creation
  • ● Help with Optimizing Landing Pages
  • ● Bid Management
  • ● PPC Monitoring & Reporting

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